Author: Marin Mikulic

All of Those Days That Came and Went

“All of those days that came and went — I didn’t realize those were life.” I’d read the above line in Erling Kagge’s Silence: In the Age of Noise and closed it afterward. It was a dark thought, dripping in nostalgia and regret. It reminded me of the one Kazuo Ishiguro wrote in his masterpiece The Remains […]

Start Small, Start now

There’s a joke that goes something like this: “Stopping smoking is easy. I’ve done it a hundred times.“ At first, people react with confusion, then they laugh. I love the joke because it applies to anything. Like my writing.

Coronavirus: Choose The Third Route

Coronavirus and COVID-19 erupted in China. Then it spread across the world as a downside of globalization. Shit happens. Now what? First, let’s define what we’re talking about. Abstract and alarming concepts like the coronavirus are easier to handle when clearly defined. Put your fears on a piece of paper. They’re smaller than what your […]

The Tyranny of Freedom

Freedom is a powerful word. Not only does it embody the human striving to dissolve chains, but it also contains a past tense. The tense realization that if we are now free, it is only because we have once been enslaved. Freedom is an idea to mourn if lost, cherish if had, and hoped for in the vague tomorrow.

The Roots of Your Unhappiness

Why then aren’t we any happier than before? We are affluent, and yet we crave more. We are longer-lived, but the idea of death is paralyzing. We are more educated, but lack meaning. We are more connected than ever, but fail to understand one another more than ever.