Barry Lopez

Of Wolves and Men

The wolf is intricately connected to humanity, and we've killed them for sport.

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[...] a time when man’s own brutal nature is cause for concern and when the wolf, whom man has historically accused of craven savagery, has begun to emerge as a benign creature. (Location 1001)

The animal is observed as a part of the universe. Some things are known, other things are hidden. Some of the wolf is known, some is not. But it is not a thing to be anxious over. (Location 1056)

When the Nunamiut is searching for wolf dens on the tundra, he doesn’t pay much attention to what yearling wolves in the vicinity are doing. He tells you yearlings are always fooling around. It is impossible to tell where a den may be by watching what they do. But older animals will show a pattern. (Location 1133) #[[Habits]]

^^**Native American cultures in general stressed that there was nothing wrong with dying, one should only strive to die well, that is consciously choose to die even if it is inevitable. **^^(Location 1294) #[[Fear of Death]] #[[Good death]]

^^**All we do know, staring up at the paintings of game animals on the cave walls at Lascaux, is that the belief that there was more to hunting than killing, and that dying was as sacred as living, was not something that one day just fell out of the sky.**^^ (Location 1311) #Hunting

It is, after all, not man but the universe that is subtle. (Location 1320)

The interrelationships between one’s allegiance to self and household on the one hand and one’s duty to the larger community on the other cannot be overemphasized; it was a primal, efficient system of survival that held both man and wolf in a similar mesh. (Location 1416) #[[Collective Drama]] #Community

{{[[TODO]]}} The wolf was the one animal that, again, did two things at once year after year: remained distinct and exemplary as an individual, yet served the tribe. There are no stories among Indians of lone wolves. (Location 1441) #[[Writing Ideas]] #Community

His hearing was so sharp he could even hear a cloud as it passed overhead. (Location 1554)

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