All of Those Days That Came and Went

“All of those days that came and went — I didn’t realize those were life.”

I’d read the above line in Erling Kagge’s Silence: In the Age of Noise and closed it afterward. It was a dark thought, dripping in nostalgia and regret. It reminded me of the one Kazuo Ishiguro wrote in his masterpiece The Remains of the Day:

Self-discipline: 6 questions and 1 imperative

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Time waits for no one. It’s annoying like that. (sketch by Tai Rayana)

I often think about self-discipline. How to achieve it, hone it, and prevent it from degenerating into an iron rigidness. How to reap its benefits. I invest so much time thinking about how to have more of it that I rarely, if ever, asked myself why do I want more self-discipline. Why do I want to control my moods, emotion, and disinclination?

The Impostor Syndrome at Work

My latest assignment saw me crash land into a maddeningly confusing trio of parallel projects, each of which came with more abbreviations than an aircraft handling manual. They were complex, demanding, and had forced me to understand a torrent of new information. They also placed a severe strain on my ability to handle high stress, all the while I was trying to become accustomed to an industry I knew nothing about and to which I came as an expert on things UX.

It Is Not Enough to Know the Name of Something

They say that reality is stranger than fiction and nowhere is that more evident than in physics — just think about the innards of atoms, the mind-boggling distances in the universe, or entire galaxies colliding with each other. Few, if any, works of fiction can paint a picture stranger than what can be found on the macro and micro vistas of the natural world.

The Reason You Feel You’re Running Out of Time

There are times when your brain, your body, your very soul is on fire. This happens when you try to think about just how much there is to do and see and say in this world. All the wondrous things other people seem to be doing — on Facebook, on Instagram — and just how small your life seems in comparison. So you decide to do it all yourself, to say yes to it all: