Facing the dragon

by marin mikulic

Everything you desire exists. Maybe it’s better health, better relationships, or a different way you want to live your entire life. It all exists, without a doubt. It’s right there, you can see it, it glitters in the dark, fixating your eyes and your soul better than any permanent glue.

But you can’t get to it. It’s in the lair of a dragon, secure in the claws of a monstrous savage. In the belly of the beast. The enormous fiend purrs and curls, sleeping jealously atop your desires. Every ounce of your being yearns, but the dragon is fearsome. Her scales are thick, her tail a menace of spike and muscle. The ground steams hot, raked with claw marks, and the scent of fire lingers on the edge of everything. Your desires sparkle, but the dragon reigns supreme.

​The fear in your stomach pushes against your spine, against your back, pushing you away. Away from here, away from now.

“Not today. Maybe tomorrow, just not today. Run away, stick your head in the sand.”

The dragon shifts and tongues of flame lick her underbelly. The heat of the moment hits you like an insurmountable firewall. How can you overcome? This hellish creature has what you want, but it can burn you to a crisp. You are tiny against the magnitude of your desires.​

Not today, not now.”

Still, you take a tiny step against the terror. A miserable step, really, a shuffle forward under the cover of darkness. Your heart booms in your ears, but you’re on the journey now. A tiny step, taken today, begins it.

Who knows where you’ll end up?

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