Who does your thinking for you?

by marin mikulic

Family, nation, religion, politics, sports.​

We belong to groups. Groups change us.

​This is as it should be. No individual has all the answers (including you). Other people should change us. To avoid this is to become ossified, petrified, stupefied. A fossil.

​Allow others to change your thinking.​


Slow down now.​

Read carefully.​

Allow others to change your thinking, but don’t let them replace it.​

An unthinking crowd
photo by Davide Ragusa

Sometimes, to ensure belonging, we identify with groups. Our thinking starts to mirror the “party line”. This is the threat of groups. Instead of thinking for ourselves, we swallow the group beliefs wholesale. We become mascots.​

If you are 100% aligned with any group’s thinking – you’re not thinking.​

Groups are necessary, valuable, and powerful. They shelter, nurture, make us feel wanted. They are also vicious when taken too seriously. No group has a monopoly on truth. Your religion is not the one true one. Neither is your sports club. Your nation is not the chosen one. Your political party is not the safe keeper of right or wrong. They’d just all prefer you to think so.​

Whatever you do, don’t let them replace your thinking.

P.S. Don’t let anyone replace it, including me – a guy you likely don’t know and have never seen in your life.

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